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Canaca 1g | Mango

Mango & tropical flavours with a sweet finish.
Profile: THC-16.7% | CBD-<0.1%
Product Type: Whole Flowers
SKU: 1004-420-11291-1371
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Canaca Mango is a strain that originated in the 60's, most recently crossed with KC33 to give us the current Mango strain. Canaca Mango's flavour comes from a high terpene content of myrcene, also found in mangos.

THC & CBD levels vary by lot.

Flower images are for display purposes only. Images are not exact representation of the product.

Products specifications
Cannabis Total Amount 1
Strain Mango
Brand Canaca
Product Type Whole Flowers
THC/CBD Description THC-16.7% | CBD-<0.1%
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