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Canaca 3.5g | GREEN CUSH

A sativa dominant hybrid strain with medium to high THC potency and a vivid tangy and herbal aroma.
Picture of Canaca 3.5g | Mango

Canaca 3.5g | Mango

Mango & tropical flavours with a sweet finish.
Picture of Dubon 28g | Indica Blend

Dubon 28g | Indica Blend

This Indica strain, in the form of dried flowers, has a high THC intensity and may contain CBD. THC 18 - 24%
Picture of Grail 3.5g | Rockstar

Grail 3.5g | Rockstar

An indica with a combination of sweet and spice.
Picture of Marley Black 3.5g | Master Kush

Marley Black 3.5g | Master Kush

Marley Black Master Kush is a heavy, indoor-grown indica strain that has a subtle earthy flavour with hints of citrus. Crossed in Amsterdam between two landrace strains from the Hindu Kush regions, Master Kush has dense, frosty green buds with orange pistils to deliver a classic kush experience.
Picture of Marley Black 3.5g | Super Skunk

Marley Black 3.5g | Super Skunk

This Indica strain, in dried flower form, has a strong THC content and may contain CBD. It may produce relaxing sensations. Its naturally occurring terpenes emit cheese, spicy and sweet aromas.

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